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New Video

This is our first homemade video.  The song is called Ukeditty and its the 4th song off of our album Unlugged. 

Willys News

53 Will Army!
We have a sweet deal for you!  Come to our Show on 2-7-15 and we will cut you a deal on our new EP Unlugged!  $10 gets you in the door and a CD!  
If you are coming with your spouse, partner, or lover don't worry about having an extra CD in your possession.   Listen to the extra CD in your car or give Unlugged as a gift!  We hope you will brave the cold Michigan weather and come out to see us on Saturday night!

Rumblings From the DT

Unlugged Review  

Unplugged - Review - by Rick Coughlin

The sophomore five song EP effort, Unplugged, from 53 Willys doesn’t disappoint, as the band shifts gears from the frantic, eclectic, and hopped up 80’s punk vibe of their debut long player Four Wheel Low. Keeping true to the band’s namesake of a machine that travels, this is a travelling album at it’s finest.   Where Four Wheel Low left you wanting to crack a PBR, slam a shot, and tell somebody to hold your beer while you dance, this is a sit back and cruise north…

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Four Wheel Low Review by Kip Williams of Desolation Angel Radio 

     53 Willys debut album “4 Wheel Low” is nothing but fun from the moment you put it on and slap it into your ears. Brimming with a heady ‘80’s punk vibe,(yes, I can hear some Red Hot Chili Peppers in there) and pulling in touches of 60’s psychedelic guitar, surf rock, sax that sounds like it came straight from The Stone Pony in Asbury Park, NJ, straight ahead rock and roll and even some touches of outlaw country, the album rocks.

     Now, putting all those into one set of songs making up an…

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Four Wheel Low Review by Rick 

In a music market saturated with bands that take themselves way too seriously, and a whole bunch of other bands that are clamoring to write the next best song that the Lumineers never wrote, the 53 Willys debut album is a breath of fun air.  If anyone is bringing the party to your local Detroit drinking establishment, into your car, home, double-wide, rest stop, or bordello, it’s these guys.  If I didn’t know any better, I’d think they were teasing us for taking ourselves too damn seriously…

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One Month Away 

Last night Kip Williams launched our debut album Four Wheel Low. He played Sugar Lake for his followers on Desolation Angel Radio. This was his second time playing the track and said it was much improved. It was good to hear his reaction to the final product. We hope he plays another track or two before the CD Release party on May
11 th at the Cadieux Café.

Thanks again Kip!

Our # 1 Fan 

The Reverbnation statistics are in!  Rachel Ross-Jungwirth is our #1 fan.  Rachel shares our posts, listens to our music and signs up on our website and other social media pages.  She has also been to several of our shows and a live recording.

In appreciation for her hard work we gave Rachel a swag bag of goodies and will give her a signed copy of our upcoming album 4-Wheel Low.

We thank Rachel and others like her for taking the time to promote us on social media.   In this crazy world of Indie music we…

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A New Studio! 

>In our last installment of 53 Willys News we were recording our album at The Detroit Sound Kitchen.  Our good friend Dom just got married and had to move the studio.  We send Dom and his bride best wishes as they start their married life together. 

We  just confirmed a date with Roscoe’s Studio to start recording the final tracks for our album in December.   Our first body of work will be titled “4 – Wheel Low”.  We will have at least 8 original tunes to showcase and maybe a couple of our favorite covers…

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Photo Shoot in Detroit! 

On Saturday April 14th 53 Willys and Photographer Michael Raffin went downtown to shoot some stills of the band. Our adventure started Outside the Masonic temple as Michael got some shots of us with Detroit in the background.

Next he took us to Cigar bar 1701 and we set up shop in the basement. This space was a great choice! It provided a small stage for us to rehearse while he set up different shots. There was a bar and plenty of nooks and crannies for us to shoot in. After we exhausted the basement of…Read more

Filming @ GBS Detroit 

We had a great time filming our promo video @ GBS! It was a lot of work but we got through it. It was challenging doing voiceovers and saying our lines for the video. We hope you like what we have created. Keep a look out for Mac and Joe in the video.

Launching the website! 

We hope you will visit our website on a regular basis for the latest news and updates.  We will make the official announcement for the launch of 53willys.com this Saturday at the Berkley Front.  If by chance you have discovered the site please remember it is a work in progress!


53 Willys