Photo Shoot in Detroit!

On Saturday April 14th 53 Willys and Photographer Michael Raffin went downtown to shoot some stills of the band. Our adventure started Outside the Masonic temple as Michael got some shots of us with Detroit in the background.

Next he took us to Cigar bar 1701 and we set up shop in the basement. This space was a great choice! It provided a small stage for us to rehearse while he set up different shots. There was a bar and plenty of nooks and crannies for us to shoot in. After we exhausted the basement of its charm we went to the steps of the county court house.

The Court House is a magnificent old building! Using the architecture as a backdrop was a great call! I wish we could have got inside to see what it looked like!

As we made our way to the people mover we found ourselves doing various walking shots Abby Road style! When we got to the terminal the guard asked us what we were going to do with those instruments. We told him that we are a band and wanted to shoot some photos on the People Mover. He welcomed us, opened the gate and let us in for free!

The ride on the People Mover was cool! We did our best to play over the nose and the constant motion of the PM. People came and went and some seemed to like having us playing for them. Later we learned that musicians should not play on the PM.

Two and a half laps later the shoot was over. We walked back to our cars and said goodbye to Mike. Keep your eyes pealed for the new photos to appear on the website!